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About Simple Drop Co.


Hi! I'm Cortney. Thanks for stopping by! A few years ago, I started using essential oils in my home. I fell in love with them and wanted to start sharing them with friends and family. But what I soon discovered was that I HATED writing on a sample with a sharpie (or if I was feeling fancy, patterned duct tape then using a sharpie).

I thought to myself, there needs to be a simple, more creative way to label your essential oil blends. Whether you are sharing your essential oils with others or keeping them for yourself, a handmade sample with a super cute label just makes everyone feel a little more special.

So that is where the idea of Simple Drop Co came from. I needed my essential oil blends to show some personality and look like the way I loved them. So I ditched the sharpie and duct tape, bribed an amazing designer *cough cough*, my very talented husband, and ventured out on this crazy adventure. 

Now we've started thinking beyond labels and to other products that you can show your love for EO's with. Look for more from us soon!