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About Simple Drop Co.


Hi! I'm Cortney. Thanks for stopping by! A few years ago, I started using essential oils in my home. I fell in love with them and wanted to start sharing them with friends and family. But what I soon discovered was that I HATED writing on a sample with a sharpie (or if I was feeling fancy, patterned duct tape then using a sharpie).

I thought to myself, there needs to be a simple, more creative way to label your essential oil blends. Whether you are sharing your essential oils with others or keeping them for yourself, a handmade sample with a super cute label just makes everyone feel a little more special.

So that is where the idea of Simple Drop Co came from. I needed my essential oil blends to show some personality and look like the way I loved them. So I ditched the sharpie and duct tape, bribed an amazing designer *cough cough*, my very talented husband, and ventured out on this crazy adventure.